Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My final multimedia project on "the angry black girl"

          Throughout the media, African American teens have been portrayed as the “angry black girl”. Usually these teens are seen in the media arguing, yelling, or fighting with another individual. Many of the films that I did see, the African American girl was always viewed as the scary, tough and rough girl that everybody was afraid of.
            The three media texts that I used are "Medea goes to jail", the movie "Friday"
, and a clip from the TV show “bad girls club” season three. In the film Medea goes to jail, the teen age girl goes to visit her mom in prison and starts to yell and disrespect her mother. In this film it also teaches us that “black girls” also are angry towards their own parents. In the movie “Friday”, the girl is portrayed as angry, because she is yelling and arguing with her boyfriend when another women is caught walking out of his house. In the last show, “The bad girls club” she is also shown angry, and the “angry black girl” stereotype is also brought up by an outside source in the clip.
            A class text that relates to my topic is “Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us”, by Linda Christensen. In the beginning of the article Christensen states, “The impact of racism begins early. Even in our preschool years, we are exposed to misinformation about people different from ourselves (p.126). This quote and the media prove that misleading information about different individuals start stereotypes and racism in young people.
            Another text that I thought related to my topic is Raby’s discourses. The two discourses that I definitely seen expressed in this topic are storm and social problem. Finally, I also can relate my topic of the “angry black girl” to the film “Save the Last Dance” that we have viewed in class. Also in that film, more than one of the characters in the film was portrayed as the “angry black girl”.


  1. I am glad your comments are working again. When I saw your video it especially the one on Madea reminded me about Keke Pamler's role in Madea's Family Reunion. She had an attitude and she tried to even beat up Madea, she took off her jewelry. You did a great job.

  2. Thanks for changing your background ...I thought your project was really good. I like how you incorporated our class video of Save the Last is wrong how people assume things about others and stereotype them..Why can't people be nice? Nice job!