Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dean, "Gays and Queers"

Extended Comments: I have chose to do my extended comment on Keisha's post. In the begining of her post she posted a comment from the article that states,“…there has been an increase in gay images, these images continue to reinforce, to a large extent, stereotypical representations of gays and lesbians as inferior or hyper-visible tokens who are reduced to their homosexuality”(Dean 364). I liked that Keisha chose this quote, because I also agreed with the author. This is obviously seen in our society but also seen in the Glee episodes. I also agree with her example of Curt being thrown in the dumpsters in "pilot", but i also thought of an example of Curt being slammed into the lockers everyday in "Never Been Kissed" because he was gay.

In her second paragraph, the argument from Dean was something that I found interesting. The example she used of the linens and thing scene is a good representation of how society and films see homosexuals as being rebellious. I couldn't really think of any examples in the two episodes that would be presented as having diseases. 

In her third paragraph I also agreed with her when she stated that in the episode "pilot", heterosexuality is seen as dominant. I found it interesting in her blog when she says that the other students thought that the Glee club was gay. This is also similar to what Dean says,"one can see that the gender binary and its accompanying hierarchy of heterosexual privilege subtly and not so subtly still mark the homosexual male as feminine, leaving the absent, unmarked heterosexual male as masculine" (p.373). Like in Glee, the Glee club is seen as gay because it is seen as feminine, but the football team and other sports are seen as straight because they are more masculine. I couldn't really make a connection with the example she got from "prom queen", because I did not get to see it yet.

Overall, I thought that Keisha's post was great and had some good examples to Deans arguments connected from the Glee episodes we watched. 

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