Sunday, May 29, 2011

A tangle of Discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescence by: Rebeecca C.Raby

Quotes: A Tangle of Discourses by Rebbecca is an article about some of the stereotypes presented about teenagers. Rebbecca does thirty interviews with both teenagers and their grandmothers to get two different sides and opinions on what they thought about teenagers. One of the three quotes that I thought was relevant to the text is, "Steinberg argues that the difficulty of adolescent development is exaggerated" (pg 432). The researcher Steinberg has also done some research on teenagers and how the parents are going through a harder time than the teenagers. Steinberg also agues that only a few teens are moodier and have more identity crisis than adults, because around this time adults are also going through their midlife problems. "Parents probably project their own discomfort about adolescence onto their a way of avoiding facing the unrest they themselves feel about growing old" (pg 432).
Another quote that I found interesting is something a teenager thought. “In the meantime, Elizabeth finds that adolescence offers the luxury of making mistakes” (pg 434). I agree with this in many ways, because I always hear parents making excuses for their children’s actions because they are only being teenagers. This quote also means that’s some teenagers might think that they have the lead way to get away with things because they can use the excuse that they are exploring themselves. On the other hand, if an adult makes a mistake like a teenager, they are looked at differently or immature because they should have already experienced things.
The last quote that I thought was contradicting is, "While teens are often stereotyped as 'troublemakers', 'troublemakers' are also stereotyped as teens or as kids" (pg 436). My question is if this is considered true, why is being young so envied among older adults? 

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